A new journey, in more ways than one!

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Fall 2015 I began my journey for doing lifestyle/candid. I sold all of my studio equipment prior to our move to Myersville Maryland (I am also still serving my original client based location) and have felt so refreshed since! I no longer offer portraits in my home, but it has certainly become a hit among pregnant women who prefer to stay home with their newest addition. The images result in authenticity and a look back to moments that we want to cherish forever. The only backdrop used through me now, is reality, and it’s perfect!

P. ink Day!

Yesterday I was honored to photograph four tattoo artists tattoo four breast cancer survivors. Being in the same room with so many strong women and kindhearted volunteers was empowering and refreshing. Restoring faith in strength and human kind is what I see when I look back at my work from the day, and this is a constant reminder that we all need! We need to know the hope, support and love that’s out there. The artists who participated at the Rose Red Tattoo location for this event are Lisa Doll out of Rose Red Tattoo, Halo Jankowski who has been on Ink Masters and is based out of Black Lotus Tattoo, Ella Trick based out of 717 Tattoo in PA and Anali De Laney from Never Say Die Tattoo in PA.


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Now DBA Stitched Memories Photography

Years ago I walked into The Department of Assessments and Taxation. A kind lady at the front desk asked me what my business name would be, and while it’s obvious that you would need a business name to register one, I was so excited about registering that I did not put much thought into what I would name it. She told me that the best thing to do then would be to use my name as my business name, and so I did. Helen’s Photography Gallery.  I never wanted to use my name for my business name, I just had no idea what I felt fit so perfectly that I would not look back in a couple of years and think – “wow, that was awful”. If not using my name and choosing a name at random, that would have been a very real possibility. After years of doing business, and many times for the same families, I thought how neat it was that these images were like a stitched up quilt made out of a variety of baby clothes or high school signed t-shirts (whatever floats your boat). From photographing individuals while single – dating – engaged – marriage – having and/or adopting children – following milestones etc.  Then I sat on the idea for a couple of months and realized that since I did not immediately regret even the idea, it had to be the one. So, welcome to Stitched Memories Photography!