About the Photographer

14707028_1338014072878202_7016877527676428392_oHello, and welcome to Stitched Memories Photography! I am Helen Decker and I’m no good at knowing what to say about myself in a page that is here to give an excerpt on my life and why I would be a good fit as your photographer. I can start by saying that I am a wife, mother of five, psychology graduate and of course, photographer! I started playing around with photography as a puzzle I really wanted to figure out, when my husband gifted me my very first DSLR. This puzzle turned into learning more about myself than anything, and what I never imagined I would sincerely enjoy and respect. Photography has opened my eyes to things I would have missed long ago, and now I see the world differently. Everything is somehow beautiful. Imagine seeing a thorn for not what pricks you, but what protects a rose.  Imagine this very concept in witnessing, and photographing, life’s wonderful moments where love is everything and milestones are frozen. While I enjoy psychology, I took in photography like it was part of me, and it only took me a little push and shove from a few other people to get me to realize it. For that, I am thankful! Once I realized that this was what I wanted to pursue, I had the pleasure of photographing several of our local Samaritans to build a portfolio, and soon after registered my business with the state of Maryland. Since my registration, I have built relationships with clients whose lives I have been so lucky to become part of. To see a couple go from dating to wed – from wed to parents – to birthday’s and numerous other following milestones and events (not all in that order), is so rewarding. To capture that essence of what could otherwise be lost in the back of one’s mind and preserve it for a simple taste of nostalgia is just….. so amazing. This is why I photograph so many genre’s! There’s so much to appreciate in life, and I feel so much happiness when I see others experience happiness. I want to experience your happiness!


– Helen Decker “Life’s Wonderful, Have Portraits To Prove It!”




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