Now DBA Stitched Memories Photography

Years ago I walked into The Department of Assessments and Taxation. A kind lady at the front desk asked me what my business name would be, and while it’s obvious that you would need a business name to register one, I was so excited about registering that I did not put much thought into what I would name it. She told me that the best thing to do then would be to use my name as my business name, and so I did. Helen’s Photography Gallery.  I never wanted to use my name for my business name, I just had no idea what I felt fit so perfectly that I would not look back in a couple of years and think – “wow, that was awful”. If not using my name and choosing a name at random, that would have been a very real possibility. After years of doing business, and many times for the same families, I thought how neat it was that these images were like a stitched up quilt made out of a variety of baby clothes or high school signed t-shirts (whatever floats your boat). From photographing individuals while single – dating – engaged – marriage – having and/or adopting children – following milestones etc.  Then I sat on the idea for a couple of months and realized that since I did not immediately regret even the idea, it had to be the one. So, welcome to Stitched Memories Photography!

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